Mumma’s who inspire

Mumma’s who inspire

We’ve got a tribe of creative Mumma’s over at Sage x Clare, all of whom inspire us on a daily basis, so we thought we’d extend the net and celebrate a few more of the creative Mums in our world this Mother’s Day.

We asked them what creativity means to them and what they love about being a Mum.

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Phoebe Bell – Sage x Clare

“Creativity – I love how non-prescriptive it is. There are so few things in life that don’t have parameters and boundaries; being creative is one of them.

There is no deliberation on whether to open your heart to your kids, like there is with almost every other person who crosses your path in life. You just love them, wholeheartedly and with absolute and total vulnerability.”


Alison Lewis – Sage x Clare

“I love how creativity is so unique to every individual. I’m surrounded by creatives daily, yet each of our creative strengths are completely different yet totally complimentary at the same time.

Being a Mum is equally one of the hardest things I’ve ever done and one of the most rewarding. My daughter challenges me in ways I’ve never had to be challenged before and I love her more than I ever thought possible to love another human being. ”


Julia Green – Greenhouse Interiors

“I love the unhinged, unbridled madness- the lack of boundaries associated with true creative thinking. The business side, well that’s another ballgame!

Being a mum is the single best thing I have ever done in my life, and the love is so big it doesn’t fit into my body. My kids are my everything, and my best creative creation yet.”


Kimmy Hogan – Kimmy Hogan Art

“I love that as a creative you can continually evolve and change, and being able to work from home with young children means

I can be super flexible. Watching my kids grow and learn is the most beautiful thing, and they are also hilarious and bring so much laughter to our home.”


Morgan Jamieson – Morgan Jamieson Art

“Personally I believe that everyone is somewhat creative in some aspect of their life but people seem to think that creative people are a different breed of human, and that is kind of spesh!

I love how your priorities in life become more grounded with the perspective that children bring.”


Georgie Wilson – Georgie Wilson Art

“My creativity comes from a lot of thinking and planning even though it may not look like it! And painting gives my imagination and chaotic thoughts a place!

I’m super inspired by my kids wild ways of thinking and colour filled creating as there’s never any right or wrong. It’s easy to lose that freedom as an adult and it’s so fun to be a kid at heart!”

Karen Morton – Kaz Morton Ceramics

“I love being able to express myself using a visual medium like paint or a tactile medium like clay and not being restricted by either, as there is no right and wrong!

I love sharing in my kids growth and discovering things through them with fresh eyes, as adults we take so much for granted!”

With love,



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