La Muralla Roja

La Muralla Roja


How have I only just discovered La Muralla Roja?? I mean wow… My colour loving heart has totally fallen head over heels for this apartment complex rising from the clifftops of Calpe, a coastal town in Spain. Designed by Ricardo Bofill in 1973, this surreal geometric architecture is beyond unique, beautiful and a celebration of the thing we worship the most at Sage x Clare – colour.

Taking its roots from the Bauhaus and brutalism artistic movements, the puzzle-like nature of the buildings, zig zag stairways and rainbow colours give the building a softness and playfulness that I’ve never encountered before. According to architect Ricardo Bofill, “The outside surfaces are painted in various tones of red, to accentuate the contrast with the landscape; patios and stairs, however, are treated with blue tones, such as sky-blue, indigo, violet, to produce a stronger or weaker contrast with the sky or, on the contrary, an optical effect of blending in with it. The intensity of the colours is also related to the light and shows how the combination of these elements can help create a greater illusion of space”.

This place is for sure going on the bucket list!! xx

Original story via We Are Scout.

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