How to layer bed linen like a stylist

How to layer bed linen like a stylist

We know the struggle can be REAL trying to style a bed and pull together the perfectly cohesive and layered eclectic printed bed linen look.

“What colours and prints go together?”, “Can I mix linen and cotton sheets?”, “How many pillows is too many?”, “Do I need a flat sheet?”…we could go on with all the questions we get about mixing and matching bed linen.

Blue green bed linen and throw rug styling with high timber roof

Featured: Prado Jacquard Knit Blanket + Alejandro Cotton Quilt Cover.

The good news is when our team of textile designers put together new collections they intentionally design them using a beautiful complementary colour palette and throughlines of colour and prints to make all our lives and bedroom styling that much prettier and easier. So you can almost do no wrong mixing and matching bed linen from our range #easypeasy.

Wondering where to start and how to style a bed like a pro? Here are our stylists’ top tips when it comes to bed linen styling and how to achieve that effortless layered boho aesthetic that’s iconically Sage x Clare.

Tip 1. Match your euros with your quilt cover or flat sheet.

A fabulous place to start and instantly elevate your bed styling is to match your European pillows with your sheets in unexpected ways. Try pairing one or two of your euro pillowcases with your choice of quilt cover design. Notice how this simple trick pulls together your whole ensemble making the bed look more considered and cohesive.

For a slightly more subtle look, pair the print or colour of one of your euro pillowcases with your flat sheet. When your flat sheet is folded back, neatly peeking over your quilt cover, the whole look comes to life and feels elevated.

brown and blue bedroom with shag rug and floral quilt cover
Featured: Benita Linen Quilt Cover + Pello Euro Pillowcases - Blue Jay

Tip 2. Pattern clash but colour match.

To create cohesion, look closely at key colours and details within your quilt cover print and opt for patterns with shared shades of that colour in your other pieces (like your standard size and euro pillowcases, decorative cushions, fitted sheets, throw and even artwork).

If you’re feeling adventurous when choosing your sheets, seek out a print that contrasts with your quilt cover. For example, pair an oversized check with a blooming floral design or mix a timeless stripe with a vintage-inspired geometric.

blue and brown striped sheets with flower geo pillowcase
Featured: Blanca Cotton Quilt Cover - Tiramisu + Florencia Cotton Pillowcase Set

Tip 3. Mix in three (or more) prints.

We recommend selecting three or more of your favourite prints to weave into your bed linen look to achieve that coveted eclectic layered vibe. Again you’ll want to be mindful to choose prints with complementary or matching colours running through designs.

To break up your gorgeous maximalist print combinations and play up accent colours further you may like to work in some classic patterns like checks or stripes in your euro, flat sheet or decorative cushion selection. This will provide a ‘visual break’ or moment of tranquillity for the eye to rest and improves the overall visual layout.

Before making the bed we like to lay out our selection of printed linen and cushions all together and see if there is a colour we want to highlight or if any piece doesn’t ‘go’ with the rest particularly well. That way you won’t need to remake the entire bed if your duvet cover, sheet or pillowcase selection doesn't work.

apple print sophisticated blue and pink bed linen
Featured: Mela Cotton Quilt Cover + Alexa Cotton Sheets - Lapis

Tip 4. Use odd numbers of standard pillows and cushions.

On our shoots and in the showroom, we generally feel the bed ‘styling magic’ happens when working with an odd number of cushions – think combinations of three, five or seven. The asymmetry of an odd number of pillows creates a more relaxed, artful, modern and interesting vibe for the bed overall.

Experiment with different shapes, sizes and textures, and see what combo works best to your eye. We find a smaller number of mismatched larger cushions looks fresher and more inviting than lots of little cushions at the top of the bed.

tropical leaf bed linen on timber floor with stained glass window background
Featured: Fidel Euro Pillowcases + Safia Linen Quilt Cover - Martini

Tip 5. Add texture through considered cushion selection.

It’s no secret that here at Sage x Clare we are all about the texture. So this tip will come as no surprise; adding lots of texture is key to bringing soul and warmth to the bedroom and is super important to complete an overall eclectic layered bedding look.

From punch needle, velvet, tufted, shag, woven, fringed and fuzzy wool, we have so many different types of incredible touchable textured cushions for you to choose from and play with at home. You may even like to add more texture with a lustrous velvet bedcover or by placing a gorgeous jacquard knit throw over the foot of the bed.

colourful boho cushions stacked in front of timber slats
Featured: Guilia Round Cushion, Alejandro Jacquard Knit Cushion + Blanca Ric-Rac Cushion - Cosmos

Tip 6. Have a play.

Stuck trying to visualise your new bed linen? We’ve got you! Meet Bed Builder – our handy tool makes it super easy to play with different styles and curate the dreamiest bed linen aesthetic possible. Before committing to a purchase, experiment with different colours, complementary pairings and contrasting patterns by selecting your favourite European flax linen, cotton designs and feature pillowcases from our range. And, best of all, once you finesse your look you can easily checkout and grab everything in your bundle from the one place.

Tip 7. Get inspired.

If you’re looking for inspiration and want to pull together a whole new fresh vibe for your bed there are several spots we’d suggest checking out:

  • Our Shop The Look gallery features loads of professionally styled linen, cotton and kids’ bedding options.
  • Our Instagram page for our Bed Of The Week, styling tips and the latest bedroom looks we’re loving.
  • Our Lookbooks from current and past seasons.
  • And our journal has lots of home tours and how-tos.

blue and orange bedding in front of blue sheer curtain and orange sofa
Featured: Alexa Cotton Quilt Cover - Lapis + Blanca Cotton Sheets - Aperol

Tip 8. Go with your gut.

At the end of the day, you have to live with the look and fall asleep in a bed that you love each and every night. Layer your linen with confidence. Lay all your different options out together and just see what you think works. The eyes never lie so test a few different options and just go with your gut feeling. It’s often the most unexpected pop of colour or textural finishing touches that will elevate your entire look.

We suggest trying to not get caught up in hard and fast interior design and colour palette rules. Blue and green should be seen. Layer brown on brown on brown, if that’s your thing (we’re totally here for it!). Red and pink are actually a match made in heaven.

Mix colours and prints in ways that bring you joy. Our one rule when it comes to styling a bedroom (or any room for that matter) is…there are no rules! Have fun with it folks.

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