Happy little Vegemite…

Happy little Vegemite…

We spent some extra time thinking, talking and arranging cushions for R U OK? Day. We felt the power of these three simple words more than ever recently after our upsetting scam incident.

Even though it couldn’t be fixed, the concern and kindness shown to us went a long, long way to making it all feel better…it’s often not the grand displays but the simplest gestures that make all the difference.

To learn more check out this podcast we found with R U OK? CEO Brendan Maher.

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Off the back of R U OK? Day we thought we’d take a look at ways we can feel more grounded and happier in life. So we put it out to the team and came up with our Top 10!


Check out The Resilience Project if you’re down with journalling and learning positive mental health strategies.


Lie under the stars and wonder at how seriously big the universe is, like OMG it’s huge. It’s one way to put things into perspective!


Image: Daniel Rood / New Zealand Tourism


Make your bedroom a sanctuary. We know just the right people to help you with that *wink, wink*. I heard flax linen is the bomb to sleep on.

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Our graphic designer Jem loves listening to the Modern Love podcast to get her kick of unremarkable yet beautiful love stories – because the everyday stuff is actually the good stuff right?!

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Talking about podcasts, we’re digging The Mentor List for all things self development and insane morning rituals that we dream about doing but we love sleep far too much to do.


Read “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck” if you want to figure out which things are the one’s that really matter.

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Phoebe swears she’s now a Yogi and religiously uses the Yoga Glo app (ok it’s only been 10 days)  for all her yogi bendy positions in the downstairs area she’s converted into a Yoga studio overlooking the Dandenong Ranges…not jelly at all!



Diffuse essential oils at home. Phoebe and Al have a healthy competition as to which oil is the best but we love DōTERRA and Young Living. We have no idea if they actually work but the placebo affect is good enough for us.


Buy yourself a Himalyan Rock Salt Lamp and let it glow. They actually also make awesome children’s room lamps.


Find something that gives you a really good belly laugh. There’s nothing wrong with a good cheesy movie, book or podcast on the weekend that you actually LOL to – My Dad Wrote a Porno is a good starting point.

Namaste…oh who am I kidding?

With love,


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