Behind the scenes with Paloma!

Behind the scenes with Paloma!

There’s so much planning that goes into pulling off a Sage x Clare photoshoot nowadays. Months of lead up in fact. They’ve come along way since the beginning of S x C, when it was just me with my camera at home, teaching myself photography by watching countless YouTube videos. Ohhh my, how times have changed!

I look around at our photoshoots in awe now because I’m very proud of our well oiled machine + the hard work that goes into it. From the creative direction, receiving samples on time, pre-photoshoot meetings across the team, location scouting, to prop planning, to meal preparation (for our now, giant team), packing truck loads of product and then *FINALLY* getting to the most magical moment of it all… seeing the designs come to life on day 1 of the photoshoot.

I can’t describe that feeling. It never gets old. It’s pure euphoria. Realising we’ve created yet another new world, that’s even more fabulous than the last. And Paloma was even better than we imagined… she was everything we hoped for… then some more. I have the entire Sage x Clare team to thank for that. Oh and of course, Armelle Habib + her side-kick Sarah. We’re the A-team!

We know how much you love seeing BTS footage of our photoshoots so we thought we’d go for a trip down memory lane and share the 10 most memorable moments of the Paloma photoshoots (we now split the photoshoot across two separate weeks because our collections have grown so much).

Special thanks to our prop partners - House Of Orange, Ubabub, Vintage Posters Only and Lights Lights Lights.

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 Hair + makeup by the talented Ashley Morales.

Paloma photoshoot: 10 most memorable moments

1. The very first scene in that famous green bathroom

Like I said, the lead up to the photoshoot was BUSY… so finally arriving at the location and seeing Paloma in that first scene? Has to be my very favourite moment of the photoshoot. This scene was particularly memorable because it’s the most magnificent green bathroom I’ve ever seen in my life. Can you even imagine having a bath in this tranquil space whenever you felt like it? (I can, haha) The first day is always super busy but we eventually found our groove mid-morning and were pumped for the week ahead.

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2. Celebrating 10 years of Sage x Clare + releasing our 10th Birthday Collection

The 15th of November 2023 officially marked 10 years of Sage x Clare. I woke up feeling pretty emotional at this milestone. 10 years of bringing our artisanal wares to your homes. Wow. It felt surreal. The sun was shining and the team made the day feel sooo special amidst the photoshoot chaos. Tears were shed, multiple times. A massive thank you to Erin who organised a special morning tea + a zoom call with the team back at HQ. We reflected on some of our favourite memories and finally released our 10th Birthday Collection. Oh and my Mum dropped by for a visit to congratulate me… more tears!


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Nelly + Heidi on the verge of tapping out... ha ha ha.

3. Watching the team’s reactions to the stunning photoshoot locations

This Doncaster residence was something else. The architecture was INCREDIBLE. I’d seen the home a few months prior when scouting locations but watching our team step inside the home for the first time made me smile. Lots of gasping and OMG squeals. You can have a snoop of this breathtaking home here. From the insanely beautiful circular window in the green bathroom, to the acrylic pool window downstairs, to the spiral blue staircase and that DREAMY sunken couch. Holy-moly it was impressive.

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4. Meeting Iggy + Pamela and watching them embody Paloma perfectly

Gone are the days of me having to model our apparel range… phew! I still jump in the occasional photo but nowadays we bring in the professionals. Iggy + Pamela arrived and they understood the Paloma brief instantly. It was so lovely getting to know these kind souls and styling our new apparel. Iggy had me in stitches with all her Gen Z lingo… I learnt a lot. But most importantly, when it’s appropriate to use the word “slay”. Watching these ladies move around the scenes in all these colourful outfits, we were pretty certain you were going to fall hard for the Paloma apparel (and you did).

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5. Cousin mayhem (kids + baby day)

The average photoshoot day is hectic enough… throw in three energetic cousins under the age of 7 and you’ve got yourself some chaos. LOL! Jude, Heidi and Nelly (my kids + my twin sister’s daughter) have been attending the Sage x Clare photoshoots since…well… forever. And they LOVE it. You’re probably wondering how we achieve such beautiful imagery with them for the kids + baby range? Well friends, sugar bribes of course. Which sometimes can take a turn for the worse. But Armelle somehow catches every special moment with them. We were also very lucky to photograph our baby wraps + cot sheets with gorgeous Dotti girl. Thanks for stopping by Mel!

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6. Heidi's Makeup Artist dreams came true!

Now I’m not sure if it’s a phase or not but Heidi is downright OBSESSED with makeup. So when she caught a glimpse of our Hair + Makeup Artist’s kit, she was mesmerised. Thanks for teaching Heidi all your tricks and letting her take over Ash… you are a gem!


7. An Easter egg hunt (in December)

Easter came early for the kiddies and they were in heaven. They loved every minute of our pretend Easter egg hunt in the sweetest pyjamas of all time. Watching the team style the Easter range towards the end of the photoshoot, brought me so much joy. So happy with the outcome of the images! Bravo Armelle. Did you spy those handmade felt baskets earlier this year? Simply, adorable.

8. Food, glorious food!

Once again the snack choices and meals on this photoshoot were superb *chef’s kiss*. Tiny Teddys, digestive biccies (IYKYK) and chocolate of all kinds. Being on your feet all day is tiring stuff so sustenance is important! Oh and can’t forget the daily coffee runs, my favourite part of the day.


9. The car parking realisation

It was on the second last day, after we’d been moving our cars every 2 hours EVERY DAY on the Paloma photoshoot, when we realised that the cars did not in fact, need to be moved. It was all day parking. The saddest story ever. Running out in the heat and rain to move our cars each day… for NOTHIN’. We did have a big ol’ chuckle when we made this realisation.

10. Popping champagne… and screaming “that’s a wrap!”

Well of course this moment makes the cut. After a MASSIVE week, we clinked our glasses and joyfully screamed “that’ssss aaah wrapppp” together. It’s become a tradition and I have to say, it’s one of the best feelings ever. Another photoshoot done and dusted. Magic was made. And love Paloma you did… just as deeply as us.

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With a whole lotta love xx

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