Anabelle: what's new?

Anabelle: what's new?

Okay so by now you’ve probably explored our new collection - Anabelle… and you’re probably gobsmacked at how BE-AUTIFUL it is, right? Now although we’re entering another weekend of lockdown here in Melbourne, I’m actually feeling incredibly *happy*. Like ecstatic. Why? Well, partly because after monthsss of hard work & some setbacks along the way, we *actually* pulled this off. And I couldn't be prouder of Anabelle. 

And I suppose also, because there’s something else happening in my life right now other than my Netflix series and knitting projects. This launch feels different, it feels like a major privilege and it's made me feeeeel alive again. I’m soaking up everyyyy moment of it and all of your kind messages + love-bombs too. 

Now, for the reason I brought you here - to tell you about the fab new products we’ve introduced to our Anabelle collection. Go on…take a look.

place mats

Bucket hats 

They say fashion rotates and tbh I’m pretty happy that bucket hats are BACK BABY! Outside picnics are the new parties in 2021 and you’re gonna’ need some shade. I’m a ha-ugeee fan of a good hat. They can complete your outfit, save you from bad hair days and most importantly - they’re sun smart. These wide-brim designs will be your saviour this spring/summer. ENTER: the four Anabelle bucket hat designs… 

 bucket hats 1. Rae bucket hat -  2. Marsha Cotton Sweater 

 bucket hats1. Daisy Bucket Hat 2. Ella Cotton Sweater

bucket hat1. Melody Bucket Hat 2. Bette Cotton Sweater

bucket hats1. Edith Bucket Hat 2. Sawyer Cotton Sweater

Tote bags 

As someone who likes to carry around A LOT of everyday essentials…I’m alllll for these tote bags. Whether you use them for work, a nappy bag, everyday bag or overnight bag - you will get sooo much use out of these. It’s just an added bonus that they’re totally scrumptious to the eye. Oh AND they have charming hand woven detailing. AND the ca-utest colour palette ever. These are not a want, they’re a NEED. Convinced yet? 

 tote bags 1. Anja Woven Tote bag... my first choice out of the two. A pastel dreaaaam. It's the tiny hand-woven hearts for me.

 tote bagsThe perfect sized bag for my essentials. And Heidi's. And Judes. And hubbies. LOL. 

tote bags 1. Ripley Woven Tote bag - signature stripes & vintage vibes. Yes pls. 


Our ethos here at Sage x Clare is to create pockets of beauty and moments of joy in your homes with our soulful products. And that *includes* your meal times too!! Dining with friends + family is a ritual that I’m even more grateful for now and why not make it memorable? New to our ‘Dine’ range this season - these sensational Teo Jute Placemat Sets (sold as a set of four). 

 place mats1. Teo Jute Place Mat Set - Fluro Pink 

placemats1. Teo Jute Placemat Set - bright melon

placemats1. Teo Jute Placemat Set - neon yellow 

 Oven mitts 

I don’t think I’ve *ever* laid my eyes on any oven mitts as fun as these?! And functional too. And Christmas presents sorted! Look just remember, it ain't about how good the food tastes that you cook, it's about how cool your oven mitts are. 

 oven mitts1. Satia Oven Mitt  2. Lydia Oven Mitt  3. Otis Oven Mitt - side note: why the hell didn't I try some of that magnificent pink cake on the shoot??? Kickin' myself. 

Beauty Bags 

Last up are the sweeeeetest new beauty bags! Y’all adore our cosmetic bags and now there’s another size option for you. Hip-hip hooray! This new cotton voile  fabric is glorious and check out that quilted texture. Wrap your beauty products away safely in a sea of whimsical florals and the dreamiest of colours. 

beauty bags1. Adello Beauty Bag 2. Aerin Bath Sheet - dusk 

beauty bags1. Franny Beauty Bag... gimme' all the florals.

beauty bag1. Cheri Beauty Bag 2. Aerin Bath Sheet - peacock 

So there you have it, I hope you’re as excited about these newbies as me! Check out the complete Anabelle collection here. X    

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