A look through the lens with…Rebeka Morgan

A look through the lens with…Rebeka Morgan

Bek takes us through the process of her latest renovation ‘Alpha House’ and what makes her mind tick when looking for the perfect house to renovate. We hope this inspiring edition gives you the confidence to go out and make your renovating aspirations a reality!


Tell us about Alpha house?

The Alpha house, in Alphington, was our latest project home. We generally build family homes and this one was no exception. We use our homes and builds as our creative outlet and job and we also use them to help teach women how to build, through our online course at Buildher Collective. We practice what we preach and start with some hero images and a theme. For the Apha house we started with a loose 70’s theme, combined with some images of texture (white painted bricks, timber slats and polished concrete) and we wanted to play on curves. As we build we develop the concepts and are able to explore different materials and space.

Alpha House 3

1. Peony Woven Throw $159.00 2. Elva Pom Pom Cushion $89.00 3. Karolina Round Felt Cushion $139.00 4. Natasha Folk Embroidered Cushion $159.00 5. Nerida Felted Wool Rug $399.00

How long did the process take?

From beginning, purchase to the end sale the process was about 12 months. We built the pool first as we needed access which would be blocked off once we started building.

Alpha House 7

1. Palo Folk Floral Cushion $169.00

Why did you choose this home to renovate?

We chose this house because we loved the aspects and the garden. We knew she had a cute cottage front and the width on the block to be able to achieve our goals. The trees in the front garden, at the rear of the property and in neighbouring blocks gave a great outlook and allowed us to highlight them with windows. We love glazing and light bright spaces.

What do you do for money?

We are super lucky as this is what we do for money. Building beautiful homes and helping other women build their dream homes.


Alpha House 9

1. Natasha Folk Embroidered Cushion $159 2. Naomi Kantha Cushion $99.00 3. Derida Embroidered Cushion $79.00

What do you do for love?

So many things, kids, John, reading, travel, learning, work, renovating houses. Actually, one of my favourite things to do every day is to go for a walk in the early morning when it is still and quiet. It helps me get centred before the mayhem of kids and the business of life kicks in. Plus my walk ends with coffee and that’s never a bad thing.

Alpha House 6

Happiest and Saddest memory here?

We get to build beautiful houses for a living it’s a dream job really and if I were truly honest I would have said this is what I wanted to do for a living 10 years ago, but wouldn’t have had the confidence to think that it was actually possible. It just goes to show that dreams can come true. I love watching the homes come together at the end, watch the reality of what’s in our head come together and seeing our team work.

Alpha House 2

1. Frida Bloom Cushion Blush $79.00 2. Palo Folk Floral Cushion $169.00 3. Gypsy Knit Throw $139.00

Fave local hang while building?

We always find a good local café and this one is Mr Wednesdays. Fun fact, when I was working from home (in a building site) I liked to go and work from there on a Wednesday.

Alpha House 4

1. Palo Folk Floral Cushion $169.00 2. Olsen Looped Sha Cushion $159.00 3. Jules Beaded Cushion $159.00

Alpha House 5

1. Matilda Velvet Sham – Turquoise $159.00 2. Sara Mini Rag Cushion $149.00 3. Bobbi Panel Cushion $79.00 4. Frida Bloom Cushion – Turquoise $79.00 5. Jules Beaded Cushion $159.00 6. Billie Stripe Tufted Cushion

Next on the wanderlust list?

When it comes to travel I’m like a kid in a candy store, I want to go everywhere all at once! And given I am about to have another baby on the 2nd August I’m grounded (for the moment). This last year has been fun with trips to Vancouver, a couple of trips to LA, Hawaii and Ottowa. So we have nothing planned as yet but there is a long list for the future.

Alpha House 8 1

1. Darcy Ticking Pillowcase – Coral $45.00 2. Paloma Linen Standard Pillowcase Set $99.00 3. Linen Standard Pillowcase Set – Chambray $85.00 4. Palo Folk Floral Cushion $169.00 5. Frankie Linen Flat Sheet $189.00 6. Linen Quilt Cover – Moonlight from $285.00

Alpha House 12 1


Glow, its so bad that it is good. It’s a Netflix series which revolves around a fictionalization of the characters and gimmicks of the 1980s women’s wrestling circuit. I am unsure if I should be admitting to that.

Alpha House 11

Alpha House 10


I’m lucky enough to be in an amazing book club. So right now, Pachinko by Min Jin Lee, but there is quite the pile of books next to my bed for me to get to.

Alpha House 13

1. Linen Euro Pillowcase Set – Lilac $95.00 2. Linen Standard Pillowcase Set – Aegean $85.00 3. Olivier Velvet Pillowcase – Coral $45.00 4. Bobbi Panel Cushion $79.00 5. Django Long Camo Cushion $209.00 6. Frankie Linen Fitted Sheet $185.00 7. Darcy Ticking Quilt Cover – Aqua/Ruby from $179.00 8. Shimla Tassel Blanket $279.00

Alpha House 14

Alpha House 15

Listening to?

Chat 10 looks 3, I’ve just discovered the podcast which is basically a rambling chat between Annabel Crabb and Leigh Sales and I am loving it.

Alpha House 20

1. Roja Waffle Hand Towel – Aqua $39.00


Alpha House 19

1. Roja Waffle Bath Sheet – Mustard $79.00 2. Tula Nudie Bathmat $79.00

Alpha House 18

For more info on Buildher Collective, be sure to visit www.buildhercollective.com.au or check out @buildhercollective on Insta to see her latest projects. Tip: Cunningham Street is one of my personal faves!

Photography: Phoebe Bell

Styling: Phoebe Bell, Alison Lewis and Katie Logan

With love,


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