Log Cabin

Log Cabin

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So after years of tossing up where to live – India? Byron Bay? Sri Lanka? Bali? – we’ve finally made a decision and will be moving just 10 mins down the road from where we currently live. Ha ha! Much to the relief of our families I think! In 2 short months, home will be in leafy Warrandyte – a favourite spot of ours because it feels like the country but is close enough to the city for everything we could possibly need. Plus we’ve got close family and friends right on our doorstep!

So, with this decision made, it’s got me thinking about what our dream home looks like… I’ve dedicated a whole Pinterest board to all the things we love and it’s become clear that it involves plenty of light, wide timber floor boards, tongue and groove panelling, soft drapes and accents of black. With a healthy mix of eclectic and vintage home wares thrown in of course!

The new (but old) house is dated but with plenty of design appeal, like a pitched roof, split-level living and timber panelling – it’s got that retro vibe that I just love and can’t wait to reinvent. Which brings me to these amazing images of stylist, Simone Haag’s, nearby home that has been affectionately named ‘The Log Cabin’. The house looks to be of a similar era and I just keep coming back to these pictures for reno inspiration. Love the laid-back, Scandi-cool, non-fussy, Australian aesthetic… What an amazing and liveable home!

At this point I’m crazy excited about the prospect of renovating… I’ve got visions of a smooth build and our dream home at the end of it. Mmmm – a little naive perhaps?! Any conversations I’ve had with fellow renovators traditionally lead to weary comments about budget blow-outs, frustrating delays and general eye-rolling. Time will tell of course whether we’ll be sealed to the same fate (most probably) but at this point I’m keeping positive (if rather ignorantly) and pin, pin, pinning away to my ‘Dream Home’ Pinterest board – my new fave pastime! Watch this space… Xx

Photography by Armelle Habib and Styling by Heather Nette King for Elle Decoration.

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