Gettin’ Twiggy With It

Gettin’ Twiggy With It

I’m crazy about things that are made by hand and love nothing more than peeking inside the entire handmade process. Of course, I get to see this on a regular basis, by designing and producing Sage and Clare collections. Lucky me! However, it’s not often that the end buyer is invited into the magic of how their cushion, throw, or artwork comes to end up in their home.

Recently, when I dropped into Twiggargerie HQ with a photographer friend, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to show you that humble handmade process I go so ga-ga about . I’m sure you’ve seen these sweet twig sculptures dotted around… They know no bounds, popping up in stores around the country, yoga studios, magazines, homes and even The Block. Trust me, I could keep going!

But not much is known about Brian and Anita, the duo behind these twig sculptures, and their creative process! So, with 20 mins to kill, a very impromptu photo shoot began as photographer, Chris, captured Brian (aka ‘Twig Man’… Also known as Dad to me!) get to work on the queue of twig orders he’s been commissioned to make.

With no time to rearrange or ‘stage’ his work space, these stunning images are an honest insight into where these creations come from. Doesn’t get better than that!

I can’t tell you how much love I have for these creations and for the sweet man that makes them. Xx

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