A Passage To India

A Passage To India


“It has to be mad and it has to be beautiful”, says Loulou Van Damme, a designer, stylist and restaurateur, with which I would have to agree with. I recently read about Loulou in a New York Times article, immediately taken in by the title. As I read on, I was completely captivated by Loulou’s full-circle journey, one that began in the hill stations in India and has now returned.

Since beginning Sage and Clare, we often wonder about our own journey and ultimate dream to relocate to India. With most of our collections being handmade there and a growing need to travel there, it seems a slightly crazy yet plausible thought that perhaps we should be living on this incredible subcontinent. It has definitely stolen our hearts and I’ve already lost my sister to it, who moved to Jaipur in July…

I was heartened by Loulou’s story and it has inched us that little bit closer to taking the plunge. Xx

Read the full article here – you won’t be disappointed!

Photography by Simon Roberts via T Magazine

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