Sky High


As if we hadn’t fallen for India enough, our recent six weeks there just deepened our love for this complex, maddening and inspiring place. I can’t say what it is, but I am addicted. We sadly left Jaipur after spending day in day out with our suppliers and friends, who become somewhat of a second family while we’re away. From our supplier, Bharat, who tells us all our designs are “Marvellous!” (what an underused word that is) to our newly made expat friends in Jaipur, our time in India was incredible.

Of course, in amongst long days working, we found an early morning to do something exhilarating – hot air ballooning over the Amber Fort and surrounds… Exhilarating doesn’t really even do this justice. Magical, astounding, stunning, thrilling – nope words just don’t cut it. In a country of over a billion people, to see India from the air away from the honking horns and hordes of people, is simply unforgettable. We took off near the imposing Amber Fort, before flying over the surrounding Aravalli ranges and villages. This I will certainly never forget! If you ever make it to Jaipur, make sure you do this (details below)…

We’re now in Istanbul on the hunt for kilims, pestemals and other treasures – with a few apple tea and turkish delight breaks along the way. We’ll keep you posted!

Much love xx

Hot Air Ballooning with Sky Waltz in Jaipur. Thank you Richard for a wonderful flight!



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