Plants for the People
Plants for the People
Plants for the People
Plants for the People
Plants for the People
Plants for the People

Plants for the People

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Why we love?

This ain't just a book for the green thumbs of the world! The cover and photography had us enticed alone and, after delving a little deeper, we also love this book for its return to simple pleasures. As we (try to) embrace a healthy dose of self-care and wellness here at Sage x Clare, this book is a terrific first step into learning how plants may help us heal rather than reaching for the first box of Codral. 

The perfect antidote to a frenetic life - a fabulous resource for your own nurture or as a gift to a loved one.


Plants are our past. Plants are our future. We are diminished if we can't celebrate plants, properly understand their powers and harness their energy to heal ourselves.

Plants for the People is an exploration of the plant world through the eyes of a master herbalist, weaving ancient wisdom with a modern approach to plant medicine. This is a beginner's guide to using plants to restore vitality and a general sense of wellbeing, with recipes for easy-to-make teas, tinctures, syrups, balms and baths.

Throughout there are golden tips and tonics for addressing common ailments such as bloating, bad skin, lack of energy, winter coughs and colds, jangling nerves and many other present-day complaints. An evolution of herbal-medicine books of the past, Plants for the People is a modern presentation of an ancient craft. This is plant medicine's time to shine.


208 Pages


Dimensions 23 x 18 cms

Written by Erin Lovell Verinder:

Erin Lovell Verinder is a fully qualified Western herbalist, nutritionist, energetic healer, mentor and educator. She has walked the plant path for almost 20 years, working with natural medicine to promote health and wellbeing. She is committed to empowering others to reconnect to their innate ability to heal, and to look to nature for remedies and insights.

Erin teaches regularly on the power of plant medicine. She has written for multiple online platforms and magazines such as The Planthunter and Vogue Australia. Erin lives and works in the lush, green surrounds of the Byron Bay hinterland.

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