Live Green Book - Sage and Clare
Live Green Book - Sage and Clare
Live Green Book - Sage and Clare
Live Green Book - Sage and Clare
Live Green Book - Sage and Clare
Live Green Book - Sage and Clare

Live Green

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Why we love? 

Living green can be bamboozling to say the least. There are obvious changes we can make and then there are changes that are surprisingly complex, like 'which natural cleaning products should I use at home?'. This little book of all things green is a stylish, wonderfully illustrated and well-written guide without being overwhelming. After all, small changes can have a big impact. 


Many of us are already doing what we can to adopt a greener lifestyle. We recycle, try to reduce our waste and plastics, choose organic food when shopping, eat less meat and opt for environmentally friendly cleaning products. Yet we often wish we were doing more and it can be overwhelming to know where to start.

Live Green is a practical guide of 52 changes – one for each week of the year – you can make to your home and lifestyle to reduce your impact on the environment. Tackling all areas of your life from your cleaning routine, home furnishings, food shopping, fashion choices, natural beauty and Christmas, this book has all the ingredients to help you achieve a more sustainable year.

From making your own eco-friendly cleaning products, buying vintage furniture, making your own moth repellent and improving your natural beauty regime to creating a capsule wardrobe and creating your own ethical Christmas decorations – discover how to get the most out of life by living with intention.

Live simply. Live Green.


160 Pages


Dimensions 15.5 x 12 cms

Written by Jen Chillingsworth:

Jen Chillingsworth is a freelance writer and photographer based in West Yorkshire. She previously worked in arts management before choosing to re-train as a market gardener. Here Jen discovered her love of plants, flowers, nature and the landscape and how important it is that we try to protect them.

She writes regularly about slow and simple living, eating seasonally and green issues on her blog. Jen has written and photographed features published in The Simple Things magazine and 91 Magazine. She is married with one son.

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