Bohemian Modern Emily Henson
Bohemian Modern Emily Henson
Bohemian Modern Emily Henson
Bohemian Modern Emily Henson
Bohemian Modern Emily Henson
Bohemian Modern Emily Henson
Bohemian Modern Emily Henson

Bohemian Modern

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Why we love? 

Interiors that make our hearts happy? The whole contents of this book. We will always revel in interiors with an abundance of character rather than striving for perfectionism. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always sided with style that has soul and Bohemian Modern concurs completely with this notion.

This precious little discovery offers something different & experimental on every single page. You’ll find yourself immersed in these chapters over & over again - it's one of those books where you discover something new each time you pick her up. *Straight* to the coffee table (to stay).


Emily Henson explores the elements that come together to create this eclectic, colourful, and contemporary look and draws inspiration from an array of real-life Bohemian Modern homes.

The Bohemian Modern home is a place where creativity, individuality, and a bold mix of colour and pattern meet in a modern environment. Whitewashed walls and polished concrete floors are brought to life by vibrant rugs and wall hangings; a cozy rattan chair suspended from the ceiling, and a jungle of houseplants clustered in pots, hanging from the ceiling, or even growing on the walls. The style gives a nod to 1970s chic, with its use of shagpile rugs, Swiss cheese plants, and macrame, but it stands firmly in the present day by boldly contrasting those elements with sleek modern art and polished concrete work surfaces.

Emily starts by taking a look at the different facets of the look: pattern and colour, textiles, handmade pieces, living with houseplants, and collections and display. She offers up styling tricks to use at home and timely ideas for recycling and reuse. Next, a series of case studies take a closer look at free-spirited and creative homes and the people who live in them. From a restored barn on the coast of Morocco to a former parking garage in the Netherlands that's been converted into a flexible family live/work space, Emily shows that any home can have Bohemian Modern style.


160 Pages


Dimensions 26 x 22.4 cms

Written by Emily Henson:

Emily Henson started her career as a display artist and merchandiser for Anthropologie before venturing into styling. After many years living in LA, she returned to London, where her clients include IKEA, Anthropologie, Primark and Graham & Green. Emily also hosts talks and workshops on styling and crafting, writes a popular blog entitled Life Unstyled, and can be found on Instagram. She lives in London with her two children.

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