Living Libations Rose Quartz Roller + Bamboo Bag
Living Libations Rose Quartz Roller + Bamboo Bag

Rose Quartz Roller + Bamboo Bag

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Why We Love:

Are you looking for a secret tool that’ll get rid of puffy-red-irritated skin? Yup, I thought so. Not only will this magic gadget improve the general appearance of your skin but it’ll also compliment your existing skincare. After applying your oils & serums - glide this gently up and down your face for maximum results. And may I add - the feeling of this little treasure gliding up and down your face is just g-damn therapeutic at the end of a long day. Pssst, hot tip: chill it in your fridge before use and your skin will love you for it.


For a gentle lift to the skin and complexion, gently, without applying pressure, roll the rose quartz across freshly cleansed skin in an upward and outward motion. Make 5-10 straight strokes in each area.

Facial Fitness - move and smooth facial muscles for better facial muscle fitness. Begin by rolling from the center of the neck, moving outward and upward, up the neck and up the length of the face, finishing toward the hairline.

Enhance Fluid Flow - begin just below the collar bone and roll the rose quartz back and forth along the neck and under the jawline. Roll your chin and cheeks upward and roll back and forth between the lips and nose.

Make straight strokes with the roller starting between the eyebrows up along the forehead to the hairline. Also stroke from the between the eyebrows down along the top of the nose to the tip. To roll the forehead, start at the midpoint and roll in an arc that follows the hairline down to the top of the ear. The double-headed arrows indicate a back and forth motion; use the quartz to roll that area up and down or back and forth. Finish by rolling that area in an upward motion.

Face Massage - this is the space for the facial roller free-for-all. Roll where you would like and as much as you would like and be sure to give extra attention to the places where you have tension. Finish each section of the face by rolling upwards to counteract gravity.

Caring for your Rose Quartz Roller:

Before the first use: Wash your rose quartz roller in natural soap (such as our Clarifying Clay Soap or a small, single drop of our Seabuckthorn or True Blue Shampoo) and rinse in cold water.

After every use: Wipe the crystal with a wet cloth and a drop of mild soap and rinse.

If the quartz roller gets squeaky apply a drop of serum, Jojoba or olive oil into the opening where the roller attaches to the metal frame.

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