Happy Society Space Mist - Palo Santo 100ml

Happy Society Space Mist - Palo Santo 100ml

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Transform your space in an instant with this glorious space mist!

A combination of Palo Santo, Vetiver and Sage, this space mist blend is for the ritualist inside us. Set your intentions with this transformative and cleansing blend, incorporating notes of pine, citrus and herbs for a potent and sacred scent like no other. 

Shake bottle & spray on your yoga mat, pillow, bedding, furniture, clothing & throughout your home, take a deep breath & relax. This glass bottle can also be refilled with water & 30 - 50 drops of the Palo Santo Essential Oil or oils of your choice.


100ml Glass amber bottle.

Hand blended in Australia with pure essential oils sustainably sourced locally & worldwide.

The Palo Santo essential oil used in this space mist is from a beautiful community in Ecuador who are working hard to reforest the Bursera graveolens tree along with other species. We do not support the illegal deforestation of this magical tree.

INGREDIENTS: Purified H20, Bursera graveolens oil, Vetiveria zizanoides Root Oil, Thuja occidentalis oil, Salvia officinalis oil, Organic Glycerine (Palm Free), lactobacillus/Coconut Fruit Ferment Filtrate.

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